The ‘Secret Weapon’:

A Collaboration with Voice Doctor (Laryngologist) Presenting Evidence on the Efficacy of PFT and BUBBLE CHEEK

2 CASES: The Student & the Professional

Precision Form Training™ (PFT) and Bubble Cheek™

CASE #1: University Student and Developing Performing Artist

As a PFT Coach, I always have to keep my hat on about the demands of the performance my students or clients will be facing. In one case, I had a student who had already had overuse while being a lead in a musical, and we had to make some time-sensitive decisions.

“According to her medical exam, she had swelling of the vocal cords due to overuse while I assessed she was already fatigued both vocally and physically. It put the health of her vocal cords at risk. She needed to rest. This was going to be a big decision for her to make, as there was no understudy. However, I made sure to let her know that once there was an injury, then the cords could be prone to injury again. So I suggested that she should step away from the show before it closed, and save her voice for the professional career she was already primed to activate…

My student made the mature decision, to do one medical treatment (whole body) to help the swelling with the cords. She then worked with me on what type of techniques she could use to help her get through the show, support her fellow performers, and yet, not risk further injury. With the notion that the sacrifice of one performance could save a lifetime of performances to come, she realized the gravity of the situation. Her game-changing attitude and the decision she made, literally helped other singers resist the peer pressure of pushing through a show, at the sake of losing future opportunities in performance. In my opinion this is no different than the decisions that elite athletes have to make when under pressure. She did well.”

CASE #2: The LANDMARK CASE:  Where I  worked collaboratively with laryngologist Dr. Chhetri. He was able to verify PFT and Bubble Cheek™ as another choice for performers otherwise out of options.  This patient was a professional singer that had already committed to a performance with a world-renowned recording artist that did not allow the traditional months of time for vocal rest, surgery and recovery. 

“The Patient had to be on voice rest and she continued to need to do some exercises despite being on voice rest. And so maybe the groundbreaking part of [PFT] is that one can activate the muscles and not phonate which is very unique. And that maintained the strength while she was on voice rest and so when she was finally taken off voice rest it looked like she really never rested her voice.”

“You have to understand the underlying reason for why she developed the polyp, which was that she had some weakness in the vocal cords, and perhaps from technique and some overuse. The interesting part about that, is obviously she needed a procedure done, an in office laser, to take care of the hemorrhagic polyp. She needed additional help to improve the vocal cords and the weakness and the imbalance.

You could maybe say that there was some asymmetry where, after the PFT, not only the imbalance was taken care of but the condition of her vocal cords looked much better than they had ever been. We then could objectively show that there was a difference in regards to that asymmetry she had and the condition of the vocal cords. So I think all of that combined, led to increased power and better voice.” ~ Dr. Dinesh Chhetri

In Summary: 

As a founder and inventor of my own start-up, it is imperative that we continue to educate and share across all disciplines and all performance lines. This case goes beyond benefiting just singers. All humans who breathe and make sound can optimize their human performance with PFT and Bubble Cheek™, as based on new science from my doctoral research, strength and conditioning expertise, and performance coaching for improved stability, power and neurocognitive performance. The benefits are in integral to every movement or exercise in the stand-alone or integrated programs that get you to the benefits of ancient warrior practices similar to Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Yoga and Mediation.

“With this landmark case we have made progress. Now, every step forward must integrate science and technology if we want to advance our knowledge of the BrainBodyVoice™ complex for human performance. Working across disciplines with an innovative and collaborative approach will help to inform and measure the discoveries we make together for the elite performer.”

~ Dr. Veera Khare Asher