30 Years Later, High School Best Friends Discover a New Connection with the BUBBLE CHEEK™

A Special Thank you to Publisher Ken Kontor, a Charter and Founding Member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), for his interest and continued support in publishing my original work. 

Power in the BUBBLE CHEEK™: Performance and Leadership were our passions when we were young. She was 6’1.5″ and I was 5’2.5″. We played sports together, we sang together, and aside from having a lot of fun through our adventures and competitions in Prince George and British Columbia, we learned a lot from each other in those High School years. This is more than a coincidence, it is a gift!

I dedicate this article to all BFFs!

Personal Anecdote: I grew up with my best friend in High School being one of the top volleyball players in our city and region. Upon graduation she went on to accomplish so much more in both sports and leadership. Marinda Ashman is an Alumni volleyball player, BYU 1987-1991, earning multiple honors: player of the week, all conference, and all-American nominee. Ashman is a former coach for the NCAA and NAIA in both college and club. Having completed a Master of Education (MEd) in Health, PE, and Recreation (HPER), from Utah state university (USU), she is now a tenured Associate Professor in the department of Student Leadership and Success Studies at Utah Valley University (UVU).

So, it only seems fitting that Professor Ashman was my go-to, to ask if she knew anyone who did a Bubble Cheek™ when they would spike or hit in volleyball, and if they knew why they did it. It was to both of our surprise, when she said that she herself bubbled her cheeks when she played, but never planned to. It just happened naturally! Marinda Ashman (neé Gorbahn) is the first elite athlete I ever knew and got to observe up close in High School, her approach to training and her performance in competition. I’m excited to feature photos of her in my first ever article on Precision Form Training™ (PFT) for Volleyball power development and midair explosive power. Figures 1 and 2 Marinda Ashman (neé Gorbahn). 

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Stay Tuned for Soccer and Cycling!


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